Keep the Pooseum sign!

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The Pooseum sign was erected in May 2018. Back then we were given the incorrect information that we did not need a permit from the Council. It is possible to make a Development Application retroactively, but the Clarence City Council told us that our application would be rejected as the Council did not like the Pooseum sign. They said that its size was excessive (1.5m x 1m), and that we should consider changing our logo. They claimed that the signage did not contribute positively to the streetscape of Richmond and was causing the town to lose its historic cultural heritage significance. The Council admits that there are no fixed rules, just some guidelines, and that the Council’s decisions are based on the personal opinions of Council staff.

For nearly three years the Pooseum sign has brought enjoyment to locals, museum visitors and tourists, and it has always been a very popular selfie spot. Removing the sign would be a loss for everyone. It would also unfairly disadvantage the Pooseum, considering that several other businesses in Richmond display larger signs.

We the undersigned request that the Clarence City Council reverse its decision to force the Pooseum to remove the existing sign, and that they accept and approve the Pooseum’s retroactive Development Application.