Access to my daughter

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I have not seen my daughter in over 17 months, she is now 2 and half years old, and I have tried numerous different actions to gain access to my child, her birth mother is outright denying me access, this is down to our breakdown in relationship , nothing more and nothing less , I have never acted in a violent manner towards my ex partner , nor do I pose any threat or danger to my child , I tried to offer her mediation ,but she has refused , I have tried to set up CSA she has refused that to , I have had letters drawn up through solicitors that cost 80 pound each time , which she ignores time and time again , I have been social services with concerns for my daughters welfare . I have even taken the step to ring up the "Jeremy Kyle show " but nothing has ever worked. I am extremely anxious to gain a stable bond with my daughter and move on with my life. I am an idividual who has a great work ethic , and that has only got stronger since the birth of my child , I have been trying to carve out a future for us , So that I can provide her with anything she needs in life, I am now in the position where this has to go to court , and I have filed for arrangements and steps order, I would appreciate it , if you could take a small amount of your time to sign this, and support my cause, all I am trying to do , is be the best daddy that I can be to my beautiful little girl.