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School Kids First

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I am tired of seeing vehicles that don't stop for school buses and I fear that one day a tragic accident is going to happen. The other morning I was with my Daughter waiting for the bus. I actually had my cell phone recording because of the number of incidents I had witnessed in a matter of weeks. This perticular morning not only did a vehicle not stop when the bus was already stopped and laying on her horn, the vehicle didn't even slow down  the vehicle was going so fast I couldn't get the tag number. My Daughter told my that the bus driver has to lay on her horn all the time because the vehicles don't stop. 

We need to have a stricter law on citizens who  pass school busses. As of now in Caldwell County the consequences of passing a school bus whilst that bus is stopped is $500.00. This doesn't seem to stop some people and on a daily basis people still don't stop and our kids are in serious danger. 

I feel that the punishment for people found to have passed a School bus  should be at least one week suspension of drivers license. Some people may argue about this because of the inconvenience but what is it to families that have had children injured or even worse killed because some person can't see a yellow school bus. 

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