Save New Greens Co-Op St Albans

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Save New Greens Co-Op St Albans

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Sionaidh Craigen started this petition to Co Op and

Our Co-Op is due to close down! With very little notice to staff, and no notice to the Co-Op members. This shop has been serving the community in New Greens area of St.Albans for 50 years or more. It is a very well used, busy shop, and is a great asset to our community.

Co Op states they are:

Any member can vote if they’ve spent £250 in a year. That’s only £4.80 a week.

Member economic participation
We want every member to be a loyal customer.  It’s our responsibility to give them a good reason to be."

So why close one of their busy stores, only for it to be replaced by a large chain newsagents, forcing local residents to pay more in McColl's for less choice of products? Or for us to have to shop at larger supermarkets that are further away?

The Co Op usually listens to its members and has been a fantastic local source of ethically sourced products; Now without informing any of its members, it is in the process of being sold to McColl's newsagents.

There is already an independent newsagents' NEXT DOOR and this sale 'flies in the face of' all that the Co Op stands for and was founded on, not only only for the Co-Op's customers, but also for a small independent business which they have inadvertently created direct competition for by selling to a chain Newsagents. Their own website states that "Principles are more valuable than profits" and that they support "Members joining together and making a difference" ... so now this is our opportunity to do just that. This is most definitely a community asset, run for Co Op members. 

Please sign this petition if you use the Co-Op or/and High Oaks Newsagents shops in New Green's St Albans, or feel strongly about keeping a valuable community asset.

Sources and more information about Co-Op:

"Co-op group chief executive Richard Pennycook said the fall in profit "was expected and planned" because of its restructuring programme.

The group announced a £1bn three-year Rebuild programme in 2014.

"We are only half way through the Rebuild and much remains to be done, whether it is investing in our digital capability or campaigning on key issues," said Mr Pennycook.

He said the group is "firmly on track" and that the work is attracting more customers back to the Co-op.

Revenue increased by 2.2% to £4.7bn as customer transactions rose by 3.3% and like-for-like food sales climbed 3.1%." (quote from this article




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This petition had 157 supporters