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Please propose an amendment to end Missouri's current superdelegate system!

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We need your support. We need you, and other Missouri representatives and officials, to commit to act on our current superdelegate system and propose, and support, an amendment to end it. This is a matter of correcting systemic injustice and promoting voter's rights. This system allows delegates to be bought and paid for, and regardless of a superdelegate's role in representing Missouri voters, they will vote for whichever candidate suits their own will or wallet.

Please follow Maine's lead and propose an amendment which puts an end the the way our current Missouri superdelegate system works. Maine passed Russel's amendment at their state convention, which requires superdelegates be allocated proportionately with the vote. This amendment also petitions the state’s Democratic National Committee members to eliminate the superdelegate system at the national level, and we are asking our officials also support these efforts.

Superdelegates should be awarded proportionately with the public vote, or they should not exist at all! Make this system one that represents its people!

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