Motorcycle Passenger Age/weight/height Restrictions Needed to Protect Kids

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Every state has a child safety restraint law for children riding in motor vehicles such as cars and trucks. Almost all states (all save New Hampshire, Illinois, and Iowa) have safety helmets required for riders, including many states with motorcycle helmet laws only for youthful riders (under 18 or 21 for example). Despite that, only two states have motorcycle passenger age restrictions, Washington and Hawaii (prohibits riders under 7 years old).Although this issue effects only a small number of children, as many riders do not take young children as passengers or at least place them in sidecars, not all parents understand the significant risk of harm to a child that a motorcycle accident presents. Even the best rider knows that a driver who does not see them can quickly end their life. A child who is not able to intelligently make the decision to ride or not should not be forced into such risky situations because of their parent’s beliefs.

Small children have no business on a motorcycle or moped. The NHTSA estimated that compared to passenger car occupants, per vehicle-mile, motorcyclists are about eight times more likely to be hurt and 34 times more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident. Why are there no laws protecting our children?

I would like to suggest that the restrictions for motorcycle/moped passengers be along the same lines as child safety restraints. At least 8yrs old AND over 80lbs.