Get custody of Bryson Liam Bernard who the system failed!!!

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The system has failed my son I fought for custody loss do to me previously accepting the charge which turned me into a registered sex offender but the same reason I was fighting for my son the things I was trying to prevent the court system of Missouri has allowed to happen a year after fighting for my son his mother lost custody due to her new boyfriend breaking my son's rib I believe that I have a right god-given right to be a father and a protector of my child and regardless of what type of title is before or after my name should not prevent me from being a protector provider and a caregiver for my child ensuring his safety the state of Missouri felt that his mother was safer than I and now my son has a broke rib the laws need to be changed just because you're titled sex offender doesn't mean that you're not a compassionate caring loving parent who wants the best for your children and I'm fighting to get this law changed and get my son in my custody for his safety anyone who knows me has seen me interact and care for my children know that there's no way that I would do anything to them or allow anything to happen to them his mother abandoned him and his sister on my door for 7 months and my son and his sister never as much as caught a cold or had a scratch on them it's once they were removed from my household from his mother and awarded custody by the state that my child has been failed