End police brutality and require all active officers to wear body cameras.

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With the recent events surrounding the murder of the unarmed Stephon Clark in Sacramento, and the countless other lives lost due to police brutality, it is critical that we as a nation make sure that these tragedies never occur again. As of 2013, 75 percent of law enforcement agencies do not employ body cameras on their active officers despite proven benefits. Body cameras allow for more accountability, better evidence collection, and as shown in a study in Los Angeles (still ongoing by PERF) a decrease in force used by police officers with the implementation of body cameras.

Federal funding is granted to police stations already that could be used to implement these life saving body cameras. Through an Omnibus Spending Bill, The Department of Justice is able to grant money to police stations for equipping police with body armor, test backlogged DNA, protect college campuses, and help victims of violent crimes and sexual abuse. Through this grant $70 million dollars are granted to additionally specifically fund better police community relations. This is the category that body cameras fall under.

I am calling upon congress, specifically Democratic Representatives Congressman Adam Schiff, and Senator Claire McCaskill, to create a mandate that states that police stations are required to implement body cameras on active officers if they wish to receive federal funding. This mandate shall state as follows: “All state and local police departments that wish to be eligible for federal funding must use funds provided to implement  and use body cameras for all law enforcement officials on active duty in order to receive the funding for their department. Any departments that do not comply will not receive any federal grants or additional funding.”

We have too many means to take not take advantage of this opportunity to better ourselves.  Join me in extending life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. 

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