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Save Howardian Youth Music Studio (Studio 22)

Howardian Youth Music Studio has provided an invaluable service to young people between the ages of 10 and 25 for over two decades. Due to council cuts in the youth service the Studio is now facing closure, taking away the great opportunities that 'Studio 22' provides Cardiffs youth. Over recent years the studio has expanded and now boasts 2 recording studios and 2 practise rooms, readily available for young people to learn and explore the wonderful world of music. The studio is there to channel young people creativity and has had a positive impact on hundreds of young peoples lives. The studio now facilitates around 60 young people a week, with 10 active volunteers accredited by the Millenium Volunteer scheme and it's own committee.

Following last years cuts, Studio 22 has followed the councils outlines for our service. A recent survey 'The Cardiff Debate' lists the youth and childcare sector as one the public felt to be important. Yet with the release of the 2015/16 proposals we are faced with a likely chance of loosing all funding from the council. We are asking the council to further our funding for 2015/16 whilst we continue to work towards more independant avenues.

Sign the petition and share your experiences of this fantastic facility that has served Cardiff for 24 years.

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