Needless deaths..Allow girls under 25 with problems to have cervical smear test!!!!

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My 22 yrs old daughter has just found out she has cells that are turning cancerous in her cervix.She had a cervical smear in July this year (and only 22 yrs old) and this came back abnormal, after a colposcopy this has come back as 2/3rds of the cells in her cervix is does not bear thinking about if this had been left till she was 25 yrs old.There has already been needless deaths because the government will not allow girls under 25 to have a cervical smear test done. Things need to change so girls with symptoms that are alarming and show they are at risk can access a test through their GP on the NHS in all area's ,despite where they live in the UK.Please sign this petition, we need to save these young girl's lives,there has already been too many beautiful young women who have died leaving young children behind who will have to grow up without their mothers....How would you feel having to grow up without yours??? This needs to stop!!!