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50,000 new people in Stafford is TOO MUCH! Let's Stop This!

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Neighbors in West Linn, Lake Oswego & Tualatin

Stop the irresponsible addition of 50,000 residents to the Stafford Area, a move that will destroy the livability of our region forever.

50,000 people is 3x the density of people per acre that currently live in Tualatin, Lake Oswego or West Linn. In fact, it's as many as now live in West Linn AND Tualatin.

Metro & Clackamas County are making a deal this month that adds 50,000 new residents to the Stafford area over local objections. In 2014 West Linn and Tualatin won a lawsuit to stop Metro doing this, but they’re determined to do it anyhow.

  • even though they have no plan to correct our failing, clogged highways and freeways. 
  • even though the County in 2009 determined that Stafford lands north of the Tualatin River didn't meet the legal or technical criteria for Urban Reserve inclusion.

The Stafford Compromise is a smart alternative. It keeps land north of the river as an open space buffer zone between Lake Oswego, Tualatin and West Linn with very low development and allows campus style business and employment lands in the flat Borland Road area near I-205. 

This compromise has an 86% approval rating in the Stafford Hamlet.  See it here
Please support the Stafford Compromise - Sign today!

We the undersigned urge Metro and Clackamas County to adopt the Stafford Compromise.

We believe that adding an additional 50,000 residents in the Stafford Hamlet will negatively impact the quality of life of everyone in the area.  

Keeping these open spaces will yield beneficial outcomes for the region's people who enjoy the vineyards, fresh produce, healthy walking paths and natural beauty in the area and the birds and animals that need open habitat and access to the Tualatin river. Adding employment lands benefits the county and economic sectors of our region. Everyone wins.




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