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Clackamas County Commission: Pass a Food Bill of Rights ordinance in Clackamas County.

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The right to self-determination is the bedrock of our Constitution.  Tthe failure of Proposition 37 in California should give everyone reason for pause and concern.  (  The food industry spent $45 million to confuse the public and obfuscate the issue.

GMO's have not been approved by the FDA and they have been shown to cause cancer in rats.  The government of France recently ordered a probe after a study linked GMO corn to cancer.

San Juan County, Washington recently passed a similar resolution and other local governments are moving in a similar direction.

Kenya recently banned the importation of all GMO foods.

It's an abomination of justice that Monsanto is able to successfully sue farmers when Monsanto seed inadvertently fertilizes the crops of other farmers  (  The health and safety of the individual should not be compromised or put at risk for the sole purpose and benefit of enhancing corporate profits.

But in the US corporations are king, and challenging their rule is no small task.  Even so, we cannot shirk from this responsibility because our very liberty is at stake.  

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund works with communities all over the country (150 by last count) that are facing issues ranging from hydro-fracking to factory farming and everything in between.  If we're going to wrest control of our government from the corporations a rights-based approach to organzing will be the most effective method.  For more information please visit their web site:

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