Take Mr. Hahn off of administrative leave

Take Mr. Hahn off of administrative leave

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To THS administration and whom it may concern:

We are petitioning for Mr. Hahn to be released from administrative leave and reinstated in his teaching position.

When we returned from Thanksgiving break, Mr. Hahn was not in class. There was no explanation for his absence or instructions for what the students should work on during his class periods. This was extremely worrying for many of the students because it is out of character for Mr. Hahn, since he has always informed us ahead of time when he will be absent and what we are to work on during his absence.

Even if he is not permitted to return at this time, Mr. Hahn should be permitted to provide instruction through Canvas or communicate with a substitute teacher, as he has done in any case where he has been absent in the past. Many students, past and present, can attest that he is one of the best teachers at THS, and often one of the most trusted faculty members. His week-long absence has been a great loss, not only because of the loss of learning time but the stress it has put on us.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened to one of our AP classes. Last year, an AP teacher was put on administrative leave with no information given to the students and no instruction for their classes. This not only results in added stress to the students' lives, but it also holds us back from essential learning time that prepares us for rapidly approaching AP exams and college courses.

The school administration’s use of administrative leave is unfairly punitive, especially as a punishment towards teachers that advocate against unjust policies and actions. Mr. Hahn’s students know that he can be over-stubborn, but we believe that he often advocates for the right things. We acknowledge that Mr. Hahn was likely partially in the wrong, but we implore you to consider his good intentions. Teachers, like any other human beings, are imperfect, but they should have the freedom to advocate against the administration without retribution.

However, if any teacher must be put on administrative leave, we are requesting that the students are not left without information or class instruction. It’s not fair for students to be kept completely in the dark about where our teachers are, and it’s even more unfair when learning is indefinitely halted. We deserve our educations, regardless of what is happening with the administration behind the scenes

We believe Mr. Hahn should be allowed to return - the rumor (since that is all we have) is that he is on leave for interrupting CJ Grace during a staff meeting. If this is the case, we would also like an explanation for why punishing a teacher for interrupting is more important than our education.  His absence punishes us as well.   

Thank you.

1,190 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!