Be The Voice They Wish They Had

Be The Voice They Wish They Had

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An animal is abused every 60 seconds. Animal abuse continues to occur all across the world, which is unacceptable, especially in our ostensibly evolved culture.


As you'll see below, animal cruelty can take many various forms, but the impact is always the same. Pain, fear, and despair are all felt by a sentient animal capable of love and social interactions. It has to come to an end.


Animal cruelty occurs when an animal is abused or neglected. That's all there is to it. Some forms of animal cruelty entail deliberately placing animals in settings that damage or fear them, while others are merely the result of people turning a blind eye.

How Can We Stop Animal Abuse and Cruelty?


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to animal mistreatment. Abusers are uncovered and held accountable for their crimes when more people become involved in the battle against animal cruelty. Furthermore, using your dollars to fight animal cruelty sends a strong statement to organizations who utilize animals for experiments or human consumption.

This pattern can be followed if you want to assist stop animal cruelty.

1. Recognize the Abuse

There’s no way to stop animal abuse if you don’t know what it looks like. Most people know instinctively that kicking a dog is animal abuse, but they might not recognize the subtler forms.

2. Understand the Laws on Animal Abuse

rights. You can talk to a law enforcement officer or look up the laws on the Internet.

If you know what’s against the law and what isn’t, you’ll know when to report a crime.

3. Fight the Abuse

Speaking up against animal cruelty can help end animal abuse. The more people talk about it and share education about the humane treatment of animals, the less abuse we’ll see.

You could start a blog about animal rights, create YouTube videos promoting humane animal training, or volunteer at your local animal shelter. Most importantly, adopt your animals from rescue organizations. There will always be buyers for pure-bred animals, but those in shelters need homes now.


Animal abuse can take various forms, but it should never be tolerated. Animals have rights, and violating those rights has long-term implications.

Make your own ethical statement. Decide what you value and believe in, and then take the steps necessary to achieve your goals. The more you get involved in animal rights causes, the more you can help our fellow creatures.

Keep in mind that animals have emotions and feelings. They may not express themselves in the same way that we do, but they require our support.





0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!