Save our Youth and Environment!

Save our Youth and Environment!

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Our Nation suffers from mounting natural disasters from Climate Change and America needs an agency immediately that would fight those natural disasters!


Recently, French President Macron to a Joint Session of Congress…

"We only have one Planet A and there is No Planet B!"


Our President and CONGRESS should look at an public sector jobs and infrastructure initiative developed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt the he called the United States Civilian Conservation Corps (USCCC).  During his first 100 days in office starting in March 1933 he called for ACTION and he got up to 300,000 Americans working on our forests and parklands by June 1933.  


U. S. Representative Marcy Kaptur of Toledo is the Sponsor of a house resolution to reestablish the USCCC called the 21st Century USCCC Act.  The USCCC would serve in our best interest as an investment in our Human and Natural Resource Capitol.   As a National Service for our American youth, it would be considered a non-armed force service that would serve our National Defense interests and provide our young citizens with needed job training to produce Stewards of the Earth and leaders for generations to come. 


The USCCC emblem would represent the unarmed 6th branch of our Armed Services rather than a proposed space force agency or emblem. The passage of Kaptur’s Bill would allow the President to order his cabinet to endeavor on a noble mission to save our youth and planet.  The USCCC program template could then be spread world wide through FDR’s final initiative the United Nations.  The United States could create real World Peace and give our citizens, our military and government agencies a program to work in uncommon harmony for the benefit of all of the People and the Earth.

Only if the President and US Congress uses their imagination and power to MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN!




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Video: Douglas Brinkley Righteous Heritage.


Video : A nationwide system of parks - 1939.


Video: CCC in Tennessee


LULAC endorsement of CCC Act:


Text of HR 2206


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Please phone or email ( your Representative and urge them to be a co-sponsor of H.R. 2206, the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act. Congressional Switch Board is (202) 224-3121.


Petition to all 435 Members of the US House of Representatives.




Petition to the Honorable Virginia Foxx, Chair of the House, Education and Workforce Committee.

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