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Civil Rights For Pablo Marquez

Our Petition is to stop the predatory taxation lead by the unscrupulous IRS Agents within the IRS in Kansas City for twelve years (12).  IRS Internal Revenue Service PO Box 219236 Stop P-4 5050 Kansas City, MO 64121 Attn. Sharon J. Worthy, Debra K.Hurst Tel. 800-829-7650.

Reasons for petition

1. We are today (12/2010)told we could have resolved this in 1998, using the proper processes. [Which we have given more than enough information why the 1998 tax error of $89,000, was either from the money from son medical malpractice(MarquezvsUnited States) or the sale of property in which both are "non-taxable income". Thus the incompetent IRS Agents have created this liability, causing errors, ommissions, adding interest, penalties, late fees, misrepresenting IRS Guidelines and Procedures. See US Constitution, Bill of Rights, First Ammendment Rights]

2. We are told today (12/2010)we could have recurred to the Tax Court and Appeals Process if the above remedies did not suffice. [Which for us means that eventough the IRS is a business entity that does NOT practice, keep good record keeping, uses deceptive unlawful collections strategies against every US citizen and ignores basic US American Business Law within the United States. See Administrative Procedures Act.]

3. After telling them we had appropiate representation by Tax Attorneys - we are told, "you need to sue them, but you continue to owe" . [Which for us means our Tax Case has moved into intentional duress, extortion and conspiracy behavior by the IRS Agents in agreement of the State of Missouri Revenue and Kansas City business community. See Sherman Act and Lanham Act.]

4. Today(12/2010) we are told " too bad" your time is exhausted and now you owe the full amount or we will start garnishments, levies on January 11, 2011. [The Marquez' are being improperly taxed and punished even though they have prepared their taxes on time, used tax prepayers (many x-IRS Agents) paid their taxes. The IRS Agents have internally labeled them "tax evaders", have used local Tax Attorneys as "collectors" instead of Attorneys representing them, the IRS  continues to prosecute them for a detailed 1040 long form claiming they are not entitled to credits when they ARE entitled to them. US Constitution, Billof Rights]

Brief explanation to our case;

We were on a Payment Plan but when moving away from Kansas City to Florida. Now the IRS is saying no longer work with IRS Office in Atlanta, GA, you are now going to work with Kansas City. Kansas City the place that started this whole ordeal. So instead of keeping the Payment Plan they immediately notified employer and garnished us 70%. It does not stop there in a matter of weeks they garnish us a smaller amount but want us to keep the Payment Plan going?!  Thru out the years we have asked for help from the local Missouri Offices and the IRS in Washington DC under Commissioner Rossetti whom refused to inquire or help.  We sometimes attended local IRS Offices since nothing was being done.  We signed-up with the Missouri Tax Advocate Office back in 1993, but this IRS Agent in the Missouri Office decided to say, "not an IRS problem" and closed our account.  To us we  belief we were intitled to being helped or (if true sent to theTax Court) not be abandoned. We used again the Missouri Tax Advocate Office in 2007, to which all they did was place us into a Payment Plan and thats all they did. No review, no assistance, no settlement. What they did was abandone us again to the inept Law Community that work alongside them as a collections arm for US citizens they do not want to enforce Taxpayer Laws and Rights.  The Tax Attorney's we hired (JKHarris, AmericanTax Relief, Levy&Craig)were no good for nothing Attorneys, they in turn ruined all the opportunities, and charged us exorbitantly. Where was the Tax Payers Rights and Tax Court opportunties? Who watches for Errors, Ommissions or adhereing to US Tax Laws in Missouri - on-one, not even the IRS adheres to its Laws, this is a direct violation of civil law, etc. To which in 2007, Levy&Craig whom we had to fire after a full year of talking with the IRS and State of Missouri was brought before the Board of Professional License Review and asked, "Why did you not pursue the Tax Court?" Attorney S.Thiele, responded, "She did not consider it".  So now after repeated errors, ommissions, lack of professionalism we cannot find a malpractice Attorney to sue these Attorney's. So we need to continue seeking justice elswhere.

Below are Governmental Offices that have refused to help us;

IRS,  IRS Taxpayer Advocate Office at 1-877-777-4778

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA);,,,

Department of Justice,

Inspector General,

Government Law Enforcement Div.

Missouri State Non-assistance,,,,,,

Missouri Senate Rep.,

Federal Government Tax Commisioner;

We have more than 100 IRS Agents, 37 Missouri State Revenue and 23 other Tax Organizations,  that have done nothing to help and will release names shortly.

Recent letter upon receiving IRS letter dated December 21, 2010.

[We have filed an official hardcopy complaint because to you ignored our email correspondence. Additionally, we are forwarding it to the International Court and World Court for review since the basis is that Kansas City refuses to accept we are legiltimate US citizens and have done the opposite in every attempt to avoid reprimanding and correcting our Tax issues depriving us of our Taxpayer Rights, Civil Rights and if they have it their way our Human Rights. We are seeking legal representation to the Federal government, its employees and the Civil Rights Division that has purposely ignored our prior requests.]

From: Marq
Subject: Continued IRS personnel harassment, errors, ommissions, duress, civil rights violation, etc....
Date: Friday, December 24, 2010, 10:03 AM

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN President Obama promised there would be more oversight to the Federal government, but it seems the same element of people as Dennis cromely who started this corrupt audit then broke every law in the books has made this a quandry of IRS cover-up. I am talking about getting assurances by IRS agents now they changing them to cuase us more financial distress, financial harm and continued non-assistance.  We have spent $20,000+ in Attorneys that attest the IRS was uncooperative and used illegal tactics to not help us. But we are the ones getting the elvated charges as; late fees, increased interest rates, penalties and a uncooperative cadre of very poorly human rights individuals seeking to destroy us when we have made every attempt to pay-pay-pay- and pay. STOP THIS! This is not a war! You are to treat us as UScitizens not the MAFIA!!  We had to move to Florida from Missouri because of the constant IRS/State Revenue audits and paying-paying-paying, it nearly drove us into bankruptsy. We still owe the IRS but they continue with the harassment tactics and continued errors in resolving our Minority case, by having us pay now two bills and to which we just got another "dear john" letter saying we continue to owe and sorry but they cannot help us. We truely do not know what else to do if bankruptsy, or even suicide is what they want. We called our prior Attorney that instructed us to seek now a Florida Attorney becuase we are dealing again with the Kansas City IRS once again that started this whole mess and they do not want to settle. As residents of Florida we hope it will now be settled. Please set us up for your earliest appointment. Pablo 8166828661

A local Attorney says he will help us for $10,000 cash and $300/hour, should we believe another Tax Attorney?

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