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NO one cares I was rpaed and bashed and left to doe choking on my own blood and then told by right-wing republican politicis I do not mater so my perpatrator went free foprever!!

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Gay Right's, Social Security adminastration.

I’ve tried so very hard to turn my life around, against the odds. I chose to try and work and did so for years, I have even published 4 books, “Boomslang, Snap Jaw, The Path and Leucas" I worked for years as a Seafood and Meat Clerk, a Janitor, A painter, a casher and in Jewelry. I made all this effort only to end up in South Bend, Indiana where I was bashed , raped, discriminated and harassed from my job to where I went to unemployment court and won and I still wasn’t given my job back after asking. For years I fought the state over the gay rights ban I was living under, and won SS and the judge ruled fully favorable with the letter I gave him asking for SS for life with no cuts, and yet all the state does is cut my benefit’s, during these tribulations my father whom I live with was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery; I had to go through this during all the fighting for my civil rights. So after I had won my SS, I was to get $1090.00 a month, but then the social security administration cut my benefit’s down too $126.00 a month and thusly my father and I lost our home; My father had purchased this house in Niles, Mi while he was working for Notre Dame in South Bend and he did this to get me out of South Bend and just across the state line to Mi, but what my father and I didn’t know was he would be diagnosed with cancer and be forced to retire. Then there was the matter of my back pay of years which should have been substantial, except the social security took$ 9,000 of my paid FICA taxes and said they couldn’t pay it back. Then Social Security decide I would only get $17,000 minus the 4,000 paid to my disability Lawyer and if that wasn’t bad enough social security decided they wouldn’t pay me a lump sum, they would give me $2,000 once every 6 months until I was paid in full. Thusly I had to fight again, for a year, by writing Washington until I got another lawyer and finally got $9,000 in back pay which saved my father and I from being homeless. All this just before we were evicted and I had to pay for my father’s bankruptcy. This isn’t even really half of the story and hell I went through. This is why I’m begging you to help me either get my money or fight with a lawyer to get real compensation for what I’ve been through. I don’t know how I will support myself when my father does die. PLEASE HELP ME! Make social security pay full amount for life!
I now have all the paper work so I know the correct amounts, I was cut from $1090.00 to $126.00 per month that is what caused my father and i to lose our home. I would accept $950.00 a month I am not greedy I just want justice! I want there to be a law so no disabled person is ever cut on their monthly 'we' should all be allowed to have independence especially for living expenses!