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Civil Court of Richmond County Georgia: Re:Alleged Phone Interception


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This is extremely important, regarding safety of myself, family, and also public safety. There need to be tighter regulations on these "over the counter" spyware devices, and TOUGHER laws to those suspected of illegally "spying" on others without proper consent. In this case alleged two or more possible crimes are to be occuring in this above mentioned case with Hudson.  she first started out calling me well over 46 documented times, then abruptly stopped, then I was notified by a "friend" that Hudson has some type of "spyware" codes placed on my cell phones.This all stems from a pending case in 2010. I the victim  was not notified to the status of a pending case from 2010 from the above mentioned court, in which the accused Hudson had given me the vitcim a wrong name, and a warrant was filed for Hudson on the wrong name. On Sept 21 2012 there was a court date in which I the victim was not allowed to present facts on Hudson, why did the Judge not hear me when I stated this case is a revised case, due to the fact the accused gave me the wrong name?  Why wasn't the accused questioned in front of me?  Why did the Judge dismiss me before he gave the verdict? Also as to why the accused was set free? I truly would like for Ms. Hudson to be tried for the crimes. I the vitcim went back to the court house to check on the status of said case on October 15, 2012, a representative of the court clerk office stated that the case was dismissed  due to double jeopardy. As law states[T]he Double Jeopardy Clause protects against three distinct abuses: [1] a second prosecution for the same offense after acquittal; [2] a second prosecution for the same offense after conviction; and [3] multiple punishments for the same offense.In Blockburger v. U.S., 284 U.S. 299 (1932), the Supreme Court held that punishment for two statutory offenses arising out of the same criminal act or transaction does not violate the Double Jeopardy Clause if 'each provision requires proof of an additional fact which the other does not. 'Now in my case Hudson had not been tried in Augusta Richmond County court under Dinease Hudson prior to Sept 21 2012. A Motion to Vacate is being requested.

Also for the Court of Richmond County to be investigated. People lives are being played with. Help stop terrorism and bullying on the smallest scale, before it becomes larger than life.

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