Make Airlines responsible & accountable for any theft from check-in baggage

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I, Jigar Morbia went to Ahmedabad to attend function and took 5th March early morning 4.20 am Jet Airways flight no. 9W 0411 from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. I was travelling along with my entire family. I was not sure as how much jewelry I can carry so at boarding pass issuing counter, I have checked with the person about the same and in turn he checked with his colleague and told me that I can carry but then he looked at my baggage and told me that I can not carry as cabin baggage and I have to check-in so I did the same at approx 3:05 AM. I have requested him to put silver tag on the baggage but he said it is not required. When we received baggage from Mumbai International Airport belt no. 13 then we found that bag lock was missing and one zip was broken / missing. We immediately report the same to Jet Airways attendant at belt and checked in front of him and found that pouch containing gold & diamond ornament worth of approx. 4.0 lakhs were missing. We discussed with Shivam and Bhavika at baggage service unit and they have taken the complaint and send email to concern team but didn't give us any complaints number and told us to lodge FIR. They have also checked and found weight was 12.4 kg instead of 14 kg which was mentioned on the tag. Shivam and Bhavika asked me whether I have made any declaration or not then I said, person at the counter is aware about valuable and didn't told me about the process. Even there is no declaration form available on the counter also no instruction given on the ticket. I have written email to Jet Airways on the same day as per instruction given by Shivam and Bhavika but they have not reverted even after 5 days and not taken any concrete action despite knowing where the incident happened.

Finally I have lodge FIR at Sahar police station and went to International Airport to check the CCTV footage. We saw the CCTV footage. We observed that last cargo came and had only my baggage and that also kept near the driver which is very unusual.

When I have made this news public through news paper, Facebook and Twitter then they called me finally and assured they will investigate and revert back within 48 hours. But within these 5 days all evidences can be tempered.

Mumbai police is doing investigation here but 80% of the time they have to wait for various approvals at airport which demoralize them to do anything in such type of case. Mumbai Police told us to go and take help of Ahmedabad police and start investigation at there but almost whole day wasted to get one signature / approval. I have checked in at 3:05 am and received my baggage at 5:45 am so incident took place in these 2.40 hrs and for that we are running pillar to post and not getting appropriate help. In these 5 days, evidence can be tempered, culprit can leave country as well. 

We came to know from Police station that they have recently received 4-5 complaint against Jet Airways but it seems that they have not taken any corrective and preventive action to curb such kind of incident. Jet Airways also trying to wash their hand by saying I have not made any declaration. But this doesn't allow them or giving rights to open any baggage. Finally at the end of the day common man has been mentally tortured and humiliated.

As a solution - 

1) Once we give baggage to airlines for check-in then it is their sole responsibility to take care and should be held responsible for any lapse or deficiency in services.

2) They have to ensure proactively such type of incident should not take place and when such incident reported then action should be taken and closed within 24 to 48 hours and common man should not be run here and there.

3) Compensation should be given by airlines on actual because of lapse in services, if they failed to recover. They have to bear the cost of insurance and it is up to them whether to take insurance or not, generally during domestic travel we do not take insurance.

Currently they are paying 350/- to 450/- per kg and rest on insurance but for that common man has to run pillar to post to get compensation from insurance company.

4) Currently very few know about declaration, it should be made mandatory basis of that airlines can decide whether and how much insurance they need to take.