Stop A Biased Ballot To Demolish 60% Of Livable Homes On The Carpenters Estate

Stop A Biased Ballot To Demolish 60% Of Livable Homes On The Carpenters Estate

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Started by Jade Lauren

Newham Council has been using public funds to mount a long running publicity campaign with the sole aim to persuade residents to vote yes to the DEMOLITION of the Carpenters Estate. The ballot beginning on the 19 November 2021 is not a free and fair vote! As residents, we call on Civica Election Services, who are running the ballot, to stop the ballot now and investigate this level of bias!

Populo Living (Newham Council's housing company) have been continually hassling residents to vote yes. In newsletters, on information billboards, in their community space - everywhere is plastered VOTE YES. There has been constant door knocking, asking residents what they intend to vote and using scripts to sell them the yes vote. We feel hounded! We also feel like we are not being given a real choice. It feels like we are being presented with no choice - either vote yes 'for the future' or vote no, and nothing, not even repairs, will be done on the estate. This is not right! Please support us by signing and sharing this petition. The same biased balloting is happening across London. It must be investigated and stopped!

In particular the Landlord Offer which we are being balloted in (and which we were mailed by Civica Election Services) contains 3 large VOTE YES images. This does not present Civica Election Services as impartial!

Carpenters estate is a wonderful community that we want to keep thriving and alive. 
For the past 20 years, they have kept the estate in Limbo, having the possibility for demolition of residents life long homes hanging over everyone. Homes that are in perfect condition and livable.

Beautiful open green spaces and facilities like the cage for sports activities and the park enjoyed by many are all planned to be demolished.

They have already got rid of many residents in the community (mainly council) and pressured homeowners to sell, this started before the London Olympics as the locals didn’t fit in for their image of the area they wanted to perceive.

Fast forward to the present day and we now have a ballot that is to be issued, starting this Friday 19th November to have 60% of the estate demolished, this includes a lot of the houses that are in perfect condition and lovely gardens, to cramp in new build flats and townhouses. 

The option to renovate, which will be a much better environmentally friendly option and not cause residents (Many over 65s) to be moved out of their family homes and close community to somewhere else in the country, has not been properly considered.

I am kindly asking you to sign this petition, due to misconduct of the ballot, which is being used to gain a yes vote.

People should have the freedom of choice and not be persuaded to vote either yes or no, or at the least, have the pros and cons on either side to keep the ballot conducted fairly.

I have also come to find, when speaking to local residents, that temporary accommodation tenants who have been moved onto the estate are being promised (persuaded) a secure tenancy, if they vote yes in the Ballot.

Due to the misconduct and bias campaigning, persuasion and tactics being used in support of a yes vote. I can only conclude that the ballot is invalid and should not be the final decision for the future of a much loved community. 


266 have signed. Let’s get to 500!