Request for a new lecturer for "Building physics II (ARCH_210)"

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We're a class of 100 students who are concerned about the overall progress of our building physics lecture. We feel as we're not being evaluated fairly, for example, the lecturer did not clarify how the midterm questions were weighted and she didn't specify for the need of dimensions for some of the questions.

Also, we're not being properly informed about ongoing activities in the lecture, for instance, the lecturer did not specify the deadline for early critiques on the in-term project. Plus she unexpectedly requested the submission for the in-term project for early evaluations.

Along with this, our concerns regarding the course are not being met by the lecturer. There is a lack of effective communication, particularly when the lecturer asks for feedback at the end of each lecture, but if there will be any concerns about the lecture or assignments in return she does not deliver any constructive criticism.

Finally, we would like to address the unfair treatment we experienced from the lecturer, where she canceled the makeup examination for everyone because of her unexpected and sudden request for the in-term project submission.