Save and Protect Bedfordale Child Care Centre

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Currently proposed Amendment 97 to City's Town Planning Scheme No. 4 does not protect the long term future of Lot 1 Albany Highway Bedfordale which is at 67-75 Cross Road Bedfordale which is also known to everyone as Bedfordale Child Care Centre.

Which means that Bedfordale Child Care Centre will not be able to expand or undertake other activities on our property, or be rebuilt as a Child Care facility if destroyed by a bushfire.

We the undersigned people and families are asking that in their final considerations of Amendment 97 the Council ensures the long-term future of Bedfordale Child Care Centre is protected by allowing 'Child Care Premises', Educational Establishment' and 'Private-Recreation' to either stay as 'A' (discretionary) instead of becoming 'X' (not permitted), or if the City remains determined in it's resolve to progress with this Amendment 97 that as an alternative the above mentioned property be included as an 'Additional Use" site under Schedule 2 of the Scheme as part of Scheme Amendment 97 and the three above 'Additional Uses' be applied to it.