Keep Biddables the SAME on the Sign-up for our Citylink Drivers!

Keep Biddables the SAME on the Sign-up for our Citylink Drivers!

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Started by Venessa Dixson

Elimination of Biddables  from the Citylink Drivers Sign-up creates longer working hours and an overall negative affect on their working conditions. A driver already endures time constraints, limited meal breaks and bathrooms breaks as well as added stress due to Covid-19 mandates.

Biddables were created years ago as a benefit to our Drivers as well as the Company. It helps to lower absenteeism and unpredictability of their routes. Biddables is an incentive to senior drivers that have worked extra board for numerous years and gives newer drivers something to look forward to.  It also allows for a safer and healthier lifestyle for a driver. They can handle personal issues, medical appointments, and get excercise and rest during their 3-4 hour break in between routes. 

The Company is already going forward with numerous route and service changes and we must preserve what has already been fought for and put into place. We as a Union have every right to give our input on these changes. This affects all of our livelihood and working conditions.

As employees of Citylink and members of the ATU Local#416, our voice matters and We will not accept these unfair changes to our Sign-up. We are requesting the same number of Biddables remain.


ATU Local #416 Members

82 have signed. Let’s get to 100!