No skyscrapers in Subiaco

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Petition in relation to the application to develop the former Subiaco Pavilion Market Site - 10 Rokeby Road & 375 Roberts Road - City of Subiaco

To the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Subiaco:
• We the undersigned, are in support of redevelopment of the former Pavilion site, but we do not support a 24-storey/100+ metres high skyscraper as part of that redevelopment.

• This building is not in keeping with the Subiaco character and streetscape and will set an undesirable height precedent in Subiaco. 

• The proposed redevelopment requires a significant height bonus and substantial relaxation of building setbacks on the Rokeby Road frontage, with inadequate commensurate benefit to the community.

• Development of a 24-storey building will adversely impact on existing heritage buildings surrounding the site, in particular, the terrace houses in Catherine St and retail shops along Rokeby Road.

• We therefore respectfully ask the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Subiaco to reject the proposed development application (DAP application DA7.2018. 153.1-DAP 18/01530), and to instead encourage the developer to resubmit a development application of a lower height that better respects its context.

• We implore the City of Subiaco and developers to consider the sympathetic development of historical areas around the world, particularly Europe, where new buildings are on a human scale and do not overshadow heritage sites.

• We love Subiaco, particularly its leafy gardens and streets and village atmosphere.  We strongly believe that a skyscraper is not appropriate in this part of Subiaco, wedged between heritage shops and houses.  Let us respect and embrace our history and preserve these streets for the future.

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