Support the Save Our Sports Coalition

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Millions of Americans participate in sports. It is in our national interest to maintain open access to sports and ensure the survival of our sport institutions. Not only will millions of jobs be saved, but we can regain the important physical, social and emotional benefits that are lost to haphazard sports and facility closures and shut-downs. Sports help shape who we are by teaching values like perseverance, determination, fair play, work-ethic and the pursuit of excellence. These values can help our country navigate the current challenges we face by emphasizing that we are all on one team working toward one goal…the safety and betterment of all Americans.

In that spirit of unity and teamwork, we must ask why local, county, state and national government policy makers are not crafting their return-to-play policies based on input from the organizations that are best equipped to support and defend these decisions? National sport organizations are the most experienced and capable groups to support research and analyses that could uniformly guide the development of safe, fact-based Return-to-Play guidelines.   

Join us with over 20 other national sport organizations to simply ask all politicians to either include our national sport organizations in their return-to-play discussions or use our web-based resources to chart a logical course. We need a set standard that outlines a science-based formula that all politicians can use to provide consistent standards across every community. Sign the petition to support our ask to just be included in these discussions so all communities can re-open through a process that takes the safety and wellness of all Americans as the priority focus.