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Police should make road intersections safe

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During the last 20 years I have been using GTA (Toronto) and York Region roads. I have seen that the road intersections are becoming more and more unsafe. The number of accidents at busy intersections are increasing day by day with huge loss of material, injured people and even loss of life. There are a number of reasons for this, e.g. increased traffic, impatient drivers. 

About 20 years, drivers used to stop as soon as they would see Amber light. Then they stopped ignoring Amber light and will stop on seeing the red signal. Now, many drivers continue driving through red light, which results into head on collision between turning traffic and those going straight through the intersection.

Who should be blamed for this situation? While drivers are definitely to be blamed, but it is responsibility of the police department to ensure that people follow the road rules. When police is not enforcing the road rules, more and more drivers start ignoring the rules, resulting in more accidents. I see traffic rules being broken at every intersections of Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and other cities every day. I don't see any police officer on the road to enforce traffic rules at intersections. Occasionally, I see some police officer doing speed check on a straight road on a quite Sunday morning when there is absolutely no traffic on the road!

The heads of the police department must perform their duty to keep the roads safe, particularly at intersections, and prevent unnecessary loss of lives.



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