Slovo Cemetery Mess

Slovo Cemetery Mess

6 May 2021
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City Parks
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Started by Shirley Baas

The management Slovoville Cemetery
6 May 2021
We residents of Soweto utilizing the cemetery to bury our loved ones are disgusted about the service offered and conditions around it.
Roads are non existent here.
Traffic congestion is a problem with one entry point.
There are no trees around the area compared to normal cemeteries.
The grass is always not cut.
Green grass should be standard and makes the place conducive to visit.
We are serious about issues mentioned City of Joburg specifically City Parks will receive a copy with a view of annexing it if nothing is done.
We expect a positive response in 14 days last we adopt revolutionary steps with negative consequences

Yours sincerely 

Peter Lamola.

Shirley Baas

Dobsonville residents

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Signatures: 35Next Goal: 50
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