Unban LED Gloving from Music Festivals Nationwide

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Unban LED Gloving from Music Festivals Nationwide

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Brian Lim started this petition to City Officials

Imagine being told by security that you aren't allowed to dance at your favorite music festival. I can name 200,000 people experiencing this very feeling at an increasing number of events around the US today. Gloving is a new dance art form that is being banned at music festivals and if we don't put a stop to it, our freedom to express ourselves is in serious jeopardy.

My name is Brian Lim, and I am seeking to lift the ban on LED gloves from major music festivals across the country. If you have ever experienced the magic of a glove light show, you know that these performers put true thought and artistry into their craft. It is a travesty that they are not allowed to express themselves on the grounds where they first discovered their passion, at events that celebrate music, arts and culture.

Festivals have banned gloving due to the public's perception of it as drug-related and dangerous, when in fact it is neither. These perceptions have led to considerable violence, persecution and even extortion by festival staff and police against the gloving community, and we are tired of it. Glovers treat their artistic light displays with respect, as it takes years of practice and dedication to develop true skill.

As CEO/Founder of EmazingLights (featured on Shark Tank, Rolling Stone, Inc., BBC and more), I am in a unique position to educate the decision makers who do not understand our community. By signing this petition, you are giving power to our efforts in showing festival promoters, government officials and police and fire departments that Gloving is Not A Crime. 

With these institutions on our side, we will be able to cultivate a new, widespread LED gloving and flow arts culture around the world, including hula hoopers, poi spinners, orbiters and more. When the gloving ban is lifted, we will continue our efforts to broaden the reach of these amazing art forms with even more strength.

Some initiatives we are working on to grow the gloving movement:

- Create "Flow Gardens," or dedicated festival spaces which host glovers and LED flow artists of all kinds.

- Massively expand the current competitive gloving system to new regions, culminating in a massive annual International Gloving Championship

- Explore the medical benefits of gloving through our newest charity initiative, Glove4Glove. 

- Bring gloving into the public square with demonstrations, performances and flash mobs.

- Continue producing professionally recorded viral videos of glovers in collaboration with the hottest artists in EDM.

- Create legitimate gloving education through tutorials and online learning centers.

Sign your name today, and join the community's effort to bring light gloving back into music festivals nationwide.

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This petition had 5,281 supporters