Residents Against Excessive Force and Federal Occupation of Our Cities

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We the people are guaranteed the right to assembly and petition of our government. Portlanders have gathered nightly in response to the killings of Black and Brown people across the country, including George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and in Portland, Aaron Campbell, James Perez, Kendra James, and Jason Washington, among others in an unending count of lives lost to police brutality. 

The Portland Police Bureau and now the Department of Homeland Security have continued to act in direct violation of our rights through the use of excessive and increasing force. Their attempts at restoring order with flash grenades, tear gas, and other crowd control munitions consequently, are negatively impacting the health and safety of residents in their homes. We need your support in demanding an end to this abuse of power.

There appears to be no specific provocations designated as unlawful; as gatherings are declared ‘riots’ unexpectedly at varying times, followed by indiscriminate use of force. Several extremely loud munitions are deployed while PPB and DHS begin to charge, kettle, throw grenades, shoot pepper balls, and tear gas everyone in sight. Whether protesters or citizens comply they are all attacked with the same level of brutal force. 

Due to the undiscerning nature of these actions, residents feel it is unsafe to leave their homes in the evening. Tear gas has been seeping into residential buildings and homes even when windows and doors remain shut. Flash grenades go off with enough force to shake windows and wake residents from their sleep as they are deployed throughout the night. Police sirens and loud speakers are utilized continuously with no regard to surrounding residential buildings. Protesters and by-standers alike are entangled and injured in the process. This has been the reality nightly for many Portlanders and other US citizens. 

Add your voice, be heard! Let your city officials and the US government know that we will no longer abide the violation of our peace and civil liberties.