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York Uber's Operator's License renewal to be denied

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An international tax dodging company is making a mockery of the laws laid down for passenger safety in York and doing the local economy a huge disservice.
Taking fare-money out of the York community by using Out Of Town cars who do not meet the standards set for local taxis, who rely on a SatNav which rarely goes the shortest distance, and who loiter in the York Licensing Area illegally after their job has ended, needs to come to an end.
The small number of drivers licensed by CoYC who work for this company do not justify the danger to road users from all the OOT cars going the wrong way on one way streets, the ripping off of passengers, the extra vehicles creating pollution, and the deleterious effect of London, Leeds, Wakefield, Newcastle, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Rossendale and a raft of other LA vehicles making their way to York every week to flout the Law of the Land with regards to Touting, picking up from Hackney Carriage Ranks, stopping for flags, and many cases of driving without insurance, MOT, road fund licence, and even the odd case of no PH Licence at all!

Uber are not necessary in York; they are taking money out of the economy, their drivers are breaking the law, the company has lied to the Council, operates illegally, and continues to do so with impunity because the police pass the buck to the Council, the Council pass the buck to the LA granting the driver's licence, the foreign LA often passes the buck back to the Council because it's not happening in their area.
Until Uber arrived, York didn't have an "Enforcement Officer" because we're a small city with a self-policing cab trade. Each driver was recognisable personally by the staff of Taxi Licensing. Now we have an enforcement team who are still unable to police the hundreds of OOT cars because they're not licensed by York. 
A hitherto unnecessary post, created in response to the hundreds of complaints about an avoidable problem.

The problem is Uber. Deny them the renewal of their PH Operator's Licence.


For the good of customers, road users, and on behalf of an overwhelming majority of the cab trade in York.

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