Help stop City of York Council from investing in the fossil fuel industry.

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If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence of the link between climate change and carbon emissions.

More than 450 major organisations worldwide have taken positive action and become part of the solution by pledging to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry. This has resulted in $2.6 Trillion being removed from Fossil Fuel companies.

Organisations signed up so far include many universities, the British Medical Association, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, The Quakers and Oxford City Council.

These organisations have pledged to:

1 - immediately freeze any new investment in the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies;
2 - divest [remove investment] from direct ownership and any commingled [Mixed] funds that include fossil fuel public equities [shares] and corporate bonds within 5 years. 

I believe City of York Council should join them. Please sign this petition and show your support if you agree.