Save The Heritage Trees At Martin Luther King Jr Park

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The City of Winter Park has already cut down 5 protected trees. Up to 63 trees including many Heritage Trees are scheduled to be cut down in preparation for a new library named “The Canopy” at Martin Luther King Jr Park. Go See for yourself!

When the voters of Winter Park voted for a new library, the location of the library and the greenspace that would be lost was not mentioned.

Florida’s greenspace is becoming a rarity. From the lack of support for dutiful implementation of the Water and Land Conservation Amendment in 2014 (aka Amendment 1) and to cutting down up to 63 trees in one of Winter Park's largest and most cherished parks, our current and future green horizon is under attack.

What is happening in Winter Park is unacceptable. Tell the Mayor and Commissioners that you value every tree. They are assets without a sales price. Invest in our greenspace. New plantings won't see a true canopy in our lifetime. Let them know that you want the City to STOP any further destruction to the protected trees and the park.

What you can do today?

Sign this petition and share with the community.

We need your help to let others know what is happening. Take time to go to Martin Luther King Jr Park to see the park and trees for yourself. Please share photos and stories to help us document these protected trees.

Martin Luther King Jr Park Map

Contact the Winter Park Mayor and Commissioners

Contact the Winter Park Mayor and Commissioners to make a public comment by letting them know that you want the City to STOP any further destruction to the protected trees and the park.

Tell them that you expect them to keep their previous promise made over 20 years ago to you, your family and the people of Florida:

Deed-restrict the parcels which comprise MLK Jr Park so all our citizens as well as next generations are guaranteed outdoor recreational green space--in perpetuity--it's simple.

We expect promises to be kept. No backsliding. It's the right thing to do.  

Call: 407-599-3277

Attend The Commissioners Meeting

We need your help! It is so important for there to be a large community presence at these meetings.
(These meetings are public and anyone can attend. You do not have to be a resident in Winter Park. Come to show support for saving greenspace)

*** UPDATE ***

The 2/11/2019 meeting has already happend. We need people to attend upcoming comissioner meetings and give public comments to save the Heritage Trees.  

Upcoming Meetings

4:00 PM
Commissioners Chambers
401 S Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Meeting Agenda

*There is a formal public comment period at every commission meeting, normally starting at 5pm. For Feb 11th, this comment period will likely be moved up to 4:00/4:30. You will have up to 3 minutes to comment. Your voice matters!

What is happening in Winter Park today could happen at your favorite park or nature preserve tomorrow. Take action today to preserve the green space we are losing.

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