Proper signage and/or painted lines for four-way stop at Autumnwood and Cottonwood

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We want proper signage and painted lines at the four-way stop at the corner of Autumnwood and Cottonwood. This has been a topic of discussion for many years now. About 50% of people use it as two-lanes in every direction instead of 1 lane in every direction. There’s a lot of confusion at this intersection due to the fact that it’s a wide lane (because of fire station and bus route) and there’s a stop sign in the middle of each direction. If we could get a sign stating 1 lane only and remove the extra stop signs that might clear up the endless confusion, questions and arguments. And adding painted lines that show it’s only 1 lane. 

Another option is to make this intersection a roundabout in order to keep traffic moving and decrease congestion during peak times. It has shown to improve traffic flow in Southdale.