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Please amend the exotic animal bylaw.

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Section 1(2) of the exotic animal bylaw in Winnipeg is unclear, as it bans various species by common and scientific name. It is good as a basic list, however it does not cover certain species that are inappropriate to the general pet owner, and bans other species that are perfectly appropriate as pets. There are errors in the current bylaw: for some species listed, the common names used do not match the scientific names and, depending on how the bylaw is read, some common pet species may or may not be covered.

PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) recommends a bylaw based on size that is easy both to follow and enforce. The standard rule is to allow no snake larger than 3 m, no lizard longer than 2 m, and no venomous reptiles. This simplified ruling prohibits inappropriate reptile species while keeping everything simple and easy for all sides.

A PIJAC-based bylaw will be a great benefit to Winnipeg exotic owners, businesses, and animal control.

Your signatures of support will be delivered to the Winnipeg city council when we ask them to amend section 1(2) of the exotic animal bylaw.

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