Cannabis Retail Stores - Fight to have stores in your City or Town

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Premier Ford announced that he will allow Retail Cannabis stores to open on April 1st.  The problem is he has given the power to the municipalities to vote to OPT IN or OPT OUT and many are OPTING OUT

 The City of Windsor is one of many cities that have not voted yet and the people of Windsor demand that the City listens to medical users of Cannabis.  You were voted in to represent every resident of Windsor and you must educate yourselves on the facts.


That the City of Windsor listens to the residents of Windsor who have benefitted from using Cannabis for medical purposes. This petition will show the new elected council that the City of Windsor will benefit from a retail shop and that the residents of Windsor want a retail store.  A Cannabis store will NOT be any different from any drug store like Shoppers Drug Mart.  

Its time that we OPT IN to have a #yellowvestforCannabis protest and send a message to our Premier that the opt in opt out was a bad idea. Don't legalize Cannabis and not give people a store to buy from. 

Personal story

I am a professional blogger who has been writing about legalising Cannabis for many years. My doctor realised that Medical Cannabis was an option that needed to be pursued and he sent me to a clinic who specialize in Cannabis for medical purposes. Since then, I have personally seen the benefits of Cannabis for medical purposes and met thousands of people in person and online who have shared their stories. It would be a great injustice for our City not to look at the data that supports having a Retail model. The Ombudsman has been contacted by 1,000's of people who have complained about the OCS online store. Cannabis users have the right to safe medicine. 1,000's of complaints regarding Online Cannabis store

They have the right to receive a superior product with no mould or bugs in it. They have the right to see, touch and smell the Cannabis that they want to buy.

If the City of Windsor opts out of having retail stores they are saying YES to the black market to flourish. I will be posting a new article on my blog The City must educate themselves on the positive side of opening retail stores.  The City of Windsor must also listen to the residents.  They are disgusted this city is doing nothing to get rid of the Opiate Crisis.  Medical Cannabis is being used to wean people off of serious drugs.  Seniors are using CBD for pain, even children are being prescribed Cannabis Oil for Cancer.  But they can NOT go to a store and buy it.  Not everyone has a credit card so they can not purchase online.   YES to OPT IN the needs of the medical user and why the City of Windsor must say YES

If you are from another City or Municipality please post your area as we need to support one another.