Install traffic calming measures along Richmond St.

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Many Walkerville residents have expressed concern about the speed of traffic along Richmond St. from Monmouth to Gladstone.  Richmond bisects the Walkerville neighbourhood as a fast moving and dangerous street.  As a result there have been numerous vehicle collisions, mostly at the intersection of Chilver and Richmond.  This is not only an issue for motorists but also cyclists and pedestrians who find it difficult to cross the street at times due to the pace of traffic.  This is particularly concerning for seniors and children.

The area is host to 3 elementary schools, 1 secondary institution and a major city park.  With significant pedestrian traffic crossing Richmond on a daily basis much of which is children on the walk to and from school, we ask that the city engage with residents to review and implement traffic calming measures along the entirety of Richmond as well as installing a 4-way stop at Chilver and Richmond.