Stop the demolition of McLeans Road Kinder in 2020!

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The City of Whittlesea Council is set to demolish McLeans Road Kinder, with proposed start date of September 2020. The reason for the demolition, according to the council is to rebuild a new kinder to accommodate for the growing number of children set to commence kinder in 2022.  

My son has just started kinder this year, and I, along with many other family members were only just informed of the closure in February this year! 

The closure of the kinder will greatly impact and disrupt the children’s vital early learning, due to not having the chance to complete their second year of kinder at this centre! Further to this, the wonderful teachers at this kinder are effectively left out of job once the kinder is closed, with no real guarantee that they are able to return to work in this centre once the rebuild is complete.

What we, as the community are asking of the council is to;

a) Postpone  the demolition of the kinder by only 3 months, so rather than having the kinder vacant for a whole year in 2020, (as proposed demolition start date is September 2020), delay the works until January 2021, to allow the current 3 year old group to complete their 4 year old preschooling at the same centre;


b) That the council find a temporary  place for Mclean’s Road Kinder to continue business, thus avoiding the kinder to be shut down for two years and losing many children and families

And finally;

c) That Mclean’s Road Kinder teachers and committee members who run the kinder, will be able to go back to that location in 2022 once the new centre is built. 

This is very close to my heart, so if family and friends could help with our cause by signing the petition, this would be greatly appreciated beyond words! 

Thank you