Save our Gums - Whittlesea Council Residents

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On Tuesday 6th March,2018, the City of Whittlesea Council voted unanimously to stop planting eucalypts in our streets, limiting the number of native and indigenous species that we can have planted on our kerbs. This is supposedly due to the number of complaints about gum trees. See p 133 and 134 of


All trees drop something, whether it is leaves, nuts or fruit. Removing Australian natives from our streets WILL NOT change this.

 There are lots of reasons why we should continue to plant gum trees :-

  • Gum trees are an Aussie icon!!! Removing them from our streetscapes will change the local character of the area forever
  • Gum trees provide food and habitat for birds and pollinating insects
  • Gum trees require less water than foreign species and will survive droughts better
  • They do not require as much maintenance as deciduous trees
  • Reducing the variety of trees in our area increases the possibility of pests and diseases spreading

We need to stand up and tell our Council that they are making a huge mistake and that their decision will cost ratepayers money and cost our environment.  A scientific, evidence based decision making process on this issue needs to be undertaken by Council, rather than a knee jerk reaction to a small number of residents complaining and being a squeaky wheel!

Petitioners call on the City of Whittlesea to rescind their motion to stop planting eucalypts in our streets and that Council should allow specialist Council Officers to use a scientific evidence based decision making process to review the species list included in their street tree management plan.

What can you do?
1) Sign & Share This Petition
2) Contact the City of Whittlesea Mayor or your local Councillor to complain-

3) Contact the Minister for the Environment, The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP E: lily.d' Phone: 03 9637 9504