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Rebuild the Whitehorse Skatepark City of Whitehorse’s Parks and Community Services Program

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Skate For Life Alliance (SFLA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and updating the Whitehorse Skatepark, which has been used vigorously for 20 years by multiple generations of youth and adults for skateboarding, BMX, scooters, snow skating, trick skiing, snowboarding and wheelchair sports.

Though the park is a free public facility, it has sadly been allowed to deteriorate into a neglected, out-moded, damaged and dangerous eyesore. This has occurred largely because, unlike almost all public skateparks in Canada, it is not municipally owned, operated, and maintained. The skatepark sits on land owned by the Department of Education, which does nothing to maintain it. The City of Whitehorse also takes little responsibility for the skatepark, since it is not on City property.

SFLA is currently advocating for the municipal and territorial governments to have the current skatepark adopted by the City of Whitehorse’s Parks and Community Development Department, either through a land transfer from the territorial government or a long-term lease to the City.

Once the property is secured and maintained by the City’s Parks program, we can turn out attention to rebuilding the park. Skatepark design has progressed immeasurably since the Whitehorse skatepark’s construction. The current park is in dire need of renovations, not only to meet current safety standards but also to encourage the full potential of its users. If a run-down, out-moded, ill-designed skatepark can attract so much usage, just imagine the potential of a professionally designed, new, smooth concrete park with terrain to challenge and stimulate all levels of users.

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