Change Name of Torrey Street

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We, the undersigned supporters would like to see the City of Weymouth and/or Norfolk County rename Torrey Street, adjacent to Pleasant Street and Park Avenue. We are petitioning the city and/or county to change the name of Torrey Street to Vera Adams Way in honor of the life lost during the shooting on July 15, 2018 at 100 Torrey Street. A map of the area and street can be found at,+Weymouth,+MA+02190/@42.1785032,-70.951406,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e49d81095b0ce9:0xc5f7b22f142496a

We would like to see a permanent way of being able to honor the victim Mrs. Vera Adam from this horrific tragedy. Being able to rename the street that directly the runs up where this incident occurred would provide a great opportunity to continue her legacy. 

Torrey Street was the street where Mrs. Adams live since the 70’s. Mrs. Adam’s was murdered doing nothing more but enjoying her daily cup of coffee in her sunroom that Sunday morning, when Sergeant Michael Chesna was also brutally murdered around the corner. 

Renaming this street will not be a constant reminder of what happened on July 15, 2018, but a way for our city and the country to remember this innocent victim and being able to remember her for generations to come. It will also be a way for those that live within our great city to honor the First Responders and private citizens that united during this horrible tragedy. It will also provide the city of Weymouth and surrounding cities and towns a way to remember and reflect. 

Thank you for considering our request to rename this street. 

** As renaming a street is a very complex and challenging project, many agencies must review and approve the name change. These include, County, City, State or Federal Governments, Police and Fire Departments, the Post Office as well as others. As a result, we're petitioning all those who can make this happen to make them all aware of our intentions to rename this street.