Police Dash Cams and Body Cams In Westminster Colorado.

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For the protection of both Citizens and Police,

     Dash Cams and Body Cams need to be implemented in Westminster Colorado, I personally was assaulted By a police officer that made it clear he can do what he wants. With no crime being committed, no arrests made and no record. But this is not about me, Its about all citizens rights being protected regardless what the reason they have a interaction with the police.

  This also protects the police themself from false accusations. I am Asking that Body Cams and Dash cams be added for each officer in Westminster.           

    That rules and regulations be put in place to insure they are always running and can not simply be turned off and that the footage of the cameras be a part of public records for fair accountability for all involved.

  In todays age where a large population of Americans, Even Law abiding citizens, Have a fear and distrust of the police this is a simple solution to bring that trust back, Protect good police and hold accountable Police that would use their position of authority to side step the laws put in place to protect us all. 


  I ask all Citizens within Westminster to consider this position and sign. I will always be respectful of the police and thankfull for the work they do however this is something that needs to be put in place do to the power we give them.