Protect Westlake Road neighborhoods from non-residential rezoning

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There is a current rezoning application for the property of 1080 Devon Rd. The application intends to alter the designated land use for this property to Institution and Assembly (P2).  The current Official Community Plan designates this property as Rural Residential Small Parcel (R2), the designation this property has held for 46 years. Lot 26 of plan 24024 was created, when phase two of the County Pines subdivision was extended to include Somerset Road, Devon Road, and the extension of Sussex Road. The physical topography of this lot defined the property boundary of the residential parcels of the first phase of development for obvious reasons. When the second phase was subdivided and 26 additional lots were registered with the Land Title Office, this lot was specifically noted in a covenant, (that to this day is included with the legal documents of all 26 properties created in the subdivision plan 24204, at time of land transfer in real estate transactions). The covenant details several restrictions pertinent to these parcels, but specifically restricts the permitted development of this parcel to a single family dwelling. Council has clearly stated their position that they will not recognize these covenants, on the basis that they are not signatory persons on these documents. At the time of this petition's launch, many of these landowners may not even be aware of the covenant filed away in their records. The efforts of the City of West Kelowna to inform the residents immediately affected by this proposal have been dubious thus far to say the least and any effort to make these 26 property owners specifically aware of its intention to discard this covenant is nonexistent.

The application before council also includes the proposed development of a church on the site, to be 6000 sq.ft, include a 55 stall parking lot, and an approximately 125m long, 6.0m wide driveway access to Westlake Road. The proposal also includes the installation of a 250mm water main and fire hydrant to satisfy fire flow criteria, as the water main on Devon Road is not of sufficient size to service (P2) development schemes. It is important to realize that even if a driveway access of Westlake Road is deemed unsafe, the construction of a water main to Westlake will still result in the removal of hundreds of trees which currently provide canopy, and stabilize the top of slope at the lot lines of the neighbouring properties and the turtle pond below.

The proposed driveway onto Westlake Road will affect all citizens of West Kelowna.  The artery we all travel daily as community members, is used by school and regional buses, gravel trucks, first responder vehicles, and cyclists. When accidents or congestion occurs on the highway, Westlake becomes a well known shortcut. Every local knows the frequency of the speed trap setup at Sussex Road, which always targets the exact point where the driveway is proposed to be installed. The City has determined that a safety study and improvements are not needed to the plans as submitted. This is outrageous, and is a troubling assertion that we will be safe enough. The upgrade of the road a few years ago was meant to improve safety, now the City is trying to erode that initiative. The road is 8% grade, the proposed driveway is book ended by a gravel pit entrance frequented by heavy, often tandem loads, and a fiberglass industrial operation that also has a dangerous access on a curve. Large tractor trailers routinely jack knife to gain entry and exit from this property. Immediately south of the proposed access is a 4m tall retaining wall. Complicating traffic at this point on Westlake is to invite collisions, and the very real possibility of vehicles launching over retaining walls, and landing in the pond. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable on this corridor even without this driveway, with no option of refuge in an accident situation. There is nowhere to run, or dive if a car deflects toward any section of the sidewalk between Sussex Road and the bottom of the hill.

To ensure the safety of all citizens who use Westlake road every day, we must ensure this driveway is never allowed to be built. To ensure the existing forest and pond habitat remains stable and healthy, we must insist that only a single residential dwelling consistent with the original developer's vision, should be the only permitted development. To ensure all of these outcomes happen, we must begin with convincing the City of West Kelowna to DENY the current rezoning application and proposed development.

Please add your name and voice to this petition, and encourage your neighbours and fellow community to learn about this situation. By adding your signature to this petition, you are supporting the effort to present a petition that declares our collective voice MUST be respected, that the substance of our concerns be acknowledged, valued, and thoughtfully explored, and that the proposed rezoning application for 1080 Devon Road be DENIED by the City of West Kelowna.

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