Backyard Fires in Waterloo

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Now that the weather is changing to cold it is even harder to get outside and spend time as a family. Especially with COVID lockdown pending and limits to gatherings. We would like to propose the use of backyard fires using solid fuel (wood). This would. Make our own backyards more accessible for longer periods of time during these darker months where people tend to be cooped up, and less active. We believe this would support mental health initiatives and encourage people to get outside. Our neighbouring cities, Cambridge and Kitchener get to enjoy backyard fires, so why can't we?

Exercising proper care and following protocols, we believe the great citizens of Waterloo should be able to join in the fun of  backyard fires. 

Picture sitting around a fire in your backyard with your family close by, staying warm and connecting with them.

Our hope is that we can find compromise with one another during these already taxing times, taking into account enjoyment for all in their backyards. We are looking to work with the City to find solutions that adhere to safety guidelines and ensure this is a welcome amendment. 

Please sign this petition if you think having backyard fires is something we should have, in the City of Waterloo too.