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To request kingdom city church is not build close to a residential area

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I wanted to bring to peoples attention and give them a chance to have an opinion regarding a church for kingdom city being built in Butler, directly across the road from peoples homes. 

I received a letter from the council stating people in butler, Alkimos and surrounding areas are allowed to submit comments on the proposal.

i would like to be able to submit this pentition to the City of Wanneroo letting them know the church would impact the quiet and peace of residents in the area. I thought this would be the easiest way everyone could express their opinion. 

The reasons for this submission would be:

The church will have a capacity of 500 people. It will only have 125 car parks. This would require 5 people for every vehicle for there to be enough spaces. Where will they park when they run out of car parks? 

As a residential area is directly across the road children play in the area. Ride their bikes along the footpath. That heavy increase in traffic will be extremely dangerous for young children in the area. Most of the traffic will consist of teenagers. The main attendants of this church. 

They will be opening at 8:30am on a Sunday. A day that is peaceful and quiet in Butler and Alkimos. One of the many reasons I love living here. 

The area won’t be quiet with people arriving at the church from 7:30am onwards trying to find a park. 

The buildings main area will be a large auditorium. The church is know for its rock bands, loud music and singing. With hours of operation between Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm (with the possibility of some scheduled events to 9.00pm) and Sunday 8:30 am to 6:30pm this will cause further disruption for residents in the area. Especially those living DIRECTLY across the road from the church. 

The building will also have: associated facilities including an outdoor alfresco dining area. The area is meant to be industrial area. With outdoor areas, early morning and late closing times further noise will be generated. 

The same church in wangaras industrial area is further away from homes, but people have already told me of the traffic problems and noise issues. I myself worked in wangara for over 6 years and have experienced the noise and traffic for myself. 

I’m not saying don’t build a church. I’m asking them not to build a church with a large auditorium, large capacity (minimal parking) and outdoor dining not to be build in an industrial area directly across the road from peoples homes. 

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