Traffic Noise Reduction Along S Broadway

Traffic Noise Reduction Along S Broadway

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Started by Dana Dearman

If you live in the neighborhoods along S Broadway, you must be familiar with the traffic noise from the roadway. The noise from motor vehicles on S Broadway are often measured between 65 to 75 decibels, louder from trucks even behind the sound walls. In addition, the drain covers on the road create rugged surface resulting in louder noise when vehicles run over them.

There are many houses and apartments along S Broadway that are impacted. The level of the noise is definitely negatively impacting outdoor activities and even house values.

According to traffic noise researches, speed reduction can result in reduced noise level, a 10 mph speed reduction equals to one half of cars removed from the roadway and a perceptible 5 dB noise reduction. The speed limit on S Broadway is currently set at 40 mph, if reduced to 30 mph, residents may be able to enjoy a better outdoor  and indoor life, and a much safer road.

Also, the road surface on S Broadway should be smoothed out to eliminate the rugged surface that’s resulting in additional noise. And the speed limit on the S Broadway should be enforced.

Please request the City of Walnut Creek to make these changes!


36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!