Save Walnut Creek's Pools

Save Walnut Creek's Pools

11,218 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Why this petition matters

In 1973, the City of Walnut Creek built three pools at Heather Farm including a shallow pool, a diving pool, and a 50-meter Olympic-size pool for its 39,844 residents. 

Since the pool complex was built, generations of Walnut Creek children and adults have learned about water safety, learned how to swim, and have splashed, dunked, and lapped their way through the years. Moreover, our population has grown to over 70,000 residents.  A decade worth of studies by the City shows a need for an expansion of water programming.

However, in spite of population growth and wide-spread community support for the expansion and improvements of these pools, the City may vote to leave Walnut Creek residents, and generations to come, with a 25-meter pool with only half the capacity of the current Olympic pool.  The outcome would cause a significant reduction in aquatic programming.

We know the City listens to the community.  When it came time to renovate the library, the City made it bigger.  When it came time to rebuild the playground next to the pool complex, the City expanded it.  

Join with the thousands of Walnut Creek residents who have asked the City of Walnut Creek to maintain the size of our current pools for generations to come. Sign our petition to Save Walnut Creek’s Pools.  You do not need to "Chip In" or make a donation. Those donations go to to promote the petition. They don't go to WCAF.  You can promote the petition for free by sharing on social media and by sharing with your contacts.

You do not have to live in Walnut Creek to sign our petition.  The City knows that many people from around  the region swim at Heather Farm.  Your voice counts too! 

11,218 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!