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Stopping the City of Wadena's violating property owners' rights

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In May of this year, under the pretense of the Public Nuisance ordinance in Wadena, MN, a city crew invaded my property and hauled away and demolished almost everything I had in my yard, including a riding lawn mower, Homecrest chairs, a small picket fence, a patio pond kit, plant containers, a pickup tonnea, a gas grill, wood pile, table fire pit, a motorcycle wheel and motorcycle cover, a catamaran sailboat and trailer...items totaling over $2,000.00. The prescribed procedures of notification were not followed. I was hospitalized in a different town when all of this occurred. Now they are billing me over $700 for costs of disposing everything. I have been a property owner for 32 years. My property is known for it's unique and creative design, and is visited often by people wishing to enjoy it. There is no retunring of my belongings, because they have been destroyed. I just should not have to pay the $700.

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