Save Virginia Beach's Agriculture Reserve Program (ARP)

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The Agriculture Reserve Program (ARP) has been around for 20+ years and has served as a model for many other localities who see farmland as a precious resource worth preserving.  This voluntary program allows land owners to apply to have their land enrolled in the program.  If approved by council, the city will purchase the development rights, preserving the farmland for generations to come.  The City Manager, Mr. Dave Hansen, surprisingly believes there is no longer a threat to farmland in Virginia Beach.  Mr. Hansen wants to reallocate the dedicated funds to preserve our farming heritage to address neighborhood flooding and sea-level rise.  While flooding is an important concern, funding to correct developer negligence should not come at the expensive of risking one of our most precious resources.  This program, now on the chopping block, has preserved nearly 10,000 acres of our rural landscape while saving the city millions in infrastructure, school, and service costs. Please sign this petition to help keep agriculture alive in Virginia Beach.