Stop City of Victoria & BC Housing from Threatening the Safety of Gorge Rd East Residents

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   The Topaz Tent City Homeless People are being moved into our Neighbourhood: Gorge Rd East.

   BC Housing has already rented and moved a large number of the Homeless into Paul's Motor Inn at 1900 Douglas St, The Comfort Inn and Suites at 3020 Blanchard St and the Howard Johnson at 310 Gorge Rd East.

  Now, the City of Victoria and BC Housing Authority have made arrangements to rent the 1st and 2nd floor of the Travelodge Hotel at 123 Gorge Road East as of May 2020.

   Travelodge and Howard Johnson are both owned by Wydham Victoria.

   The current Tenants on both floors of the Travelodge are being evicted by the Hotel, and many of them are struggling to find alternate living arrangements. This is wrong and goes against Prime Minister Trudeau's National message about not evicting tenants.

   BC Housing is not actively looking for alternate accommodations. Instead they are leaving it up to the evicted tenants. Many of them are on social assistance and are struggling to find places within such a short timeframe.

   The Crime Rate in the Topaz Area increased over 140% the moment the Tent City was formed. The Crime Rate increase is a direct result of the Homeless Community residing in the Topaz Tent City.

   It is highly likely that the Crime Rate in Our Neighbourhood (Gorge Rd East) will encounter the same drastic increases.

   The Gorge Rd East Area in the early 2000's was filled with crime, drug use and prostitution. Since then We (Burnside/Gorge Community) have worked with the City to have Our Neighbourhood cleaned up.

    The Homeless Community have established themselves in the Downtown Core of Victoria, near Pandora St and Vancouver St for the past few decades.

   Now in 2020 the City of Victoria and BC Housing Authority are challenging all of our hard work.

   The BC Housing Authority and City of Victoria should not be permitted to move the Homeless people away from the Downtown Core of Victoria.

   The Downtown Core has established Food Banks, Counselling, Safe Injection Sites and many of community resources.

   The Travelodge Hotel is on the outskirts of Victoria. In fact it is the Hotel furthest down the Gorge Rd East away, one block away from the Saanich Border at Harriet Rd.

   Much like most Government Temporary Initiatives, it is highly probable that The BC Housing Authority and City of Victoria will eventually purchase the Travelodge. They will then convert it into a long-term facility.

   The City of Victoria and BC Housing Authority should locate Hotels near the Downtown Core and the Community Resources as opposed to the Gorge Rd East area. Further, those currently renting at these hotels should not be evicted to make room for the Homeless.