We request for the Mayor of Victoria, BC (Lisa Helps) to resign.

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The City of Victoria, BC has been facing increasing problems especially within the homeless community.  The safety and well-being of our general community has been in jeopardy with more frequent and daily occurrences of violence, theft, assaults, vandalism, and destruction of community spaces.  It is no longer safe or pleasant to be in the downtown areas and it is time to make a change. 

Lisa Helps has poorly Ied council and broken her oath as Mayor since taking office.  She has displaced residents and  closed our businesses in her efforts to house the homeless.  Helps has done little research into cause and effect on her suggested proposals.  Public statements such as "house the homeless. I don't care how it's done" are reckless.  As mayor, she needs to care about how everything is done when it comes to our city.   Statements that ask the local community or businesses such as Fairmont Empress to house them are dangerous and absurd.   As members of the community we want to properly manage the homeless situation and although this is a massive undertaking,  Helps is using our city as her own science experiment.  She will cause irrevocable damage to our community unless we make a change now. 

There have been no improvements in our homeless situation (even during a second term as mayor).  She has visibly made it worst. Helps has used Covid as an excuse to implement her own agendas.   She has repeatedly leveraged our provincial government for assistance.  She repeatedly misuses our city tax dollars.  Let's not even get started on other reasons for her to step down.  Enough is enough.

Let's earn our city's reputation back and be proud to call Victoria our home.  Mayor Helps, please step down.

Please encourage anyone to sign including residents under different municipalities.  There is no recourse or official channel to recall a mayor or force a resignation.  Therefore any support generates more attention to this matter.  Thank you!